📣 Special Announcement 📣


Good Morning!

Welcome to July! Summer is in full swing and I know God has good things planned for you this month! From July 1st to July 10th, we will not send newsletter devotionals. The newsletter devotional will return on my birthday, July 10th.

Although we will pause sending newsletters during this break, we still have podcast devotionals for you to be encouraged by and enjoy. In fact, I have recorded a number of interviews that will inspire you! This week, I have the honor of interviewing David Weeter, Jim Hockaday, and Larry Hutton. I believe the words shared in these interviews will help you start your day with faith encouragement. You will be able to stream these interviews as they release on YouTube, Apple Podcast, Spotify, and our other streaming social media channels.

Have a wonderful week! I look forward to writing you again on July 10th. Something good is going to happen to you today, so expect miracles!

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Don’t forget to read through the book of 1st Samuel this month! This week, read 1st Samuel chapters 7 - 13. Next week, read 1st Samuel 14 - 20.

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